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Most of those children are not expected to live more than another year.

You can help to make the rest of their lives happier by making

a small donation through PayPal or another payment processor by

going to their donation page by simply


Note:  You really have to be with those children to see how brave and wonderful they are.

Their families live only to make their children's lives happier and I swear I have never

seen more dedicated or loving parents anywhere.  But unfortunately, being brave, loving and dedicated does not

produce much needed money to buy medicines and chemotherapy treatment. 

Imagine holding one of those small, vulnerable children in your arms

and giving comfort to a a child in pain.  I guarantee, it would change your life forever.

So PLEASE give as much as you can afford.

A footnote: 

The girl you see me giving a two armed hug sadly give up her fight and passed away only a few weeks later.  

The Angels will be hugging her now.